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· November 4, 2011

Out of state groups misleading Ohioans on Issue 3

As we enter the last days of the campaign, big-money, out of state groups are flooding Ohio mailboxes with misleading campaign literature, portraying Issue 3 as a way to exempt Ohioans from the recently-enacted federal health insurance mandate. Here’s a snippet from a flyer that’s showing up in Ohio mailboxes, paid for by the Alliance for America’s Future, a group led by Mary Cheney out of Alexandria, Virginia: That’s completely false. (view the entire flyer) Even the people responsible for putting Issue 3 on the ballot have admitted that their amendment would have no impact on the legality of Obamacare in Ohio. Appearing on WKYC with IO’s Dale Butland, Jeff Longstreth of Ohioans for Healthcare Freedom answered the charge that Issue 3 won’t have any real impact and that federal laws trump state laws
“That’s partially true. […] At the federal level, the Supreme Court will make that determination.”
The State Attorney General agrees.
“Issue 3 won’t strike down Obama health care in Ohio. Our best shot to do that is through the courts,” said Attorney General Mike DeWine (Columbus Dispatch, Oct. 30, 2011)
Furthermore, every major newspaper in the state has noted that Issue 3 will have no affect on the legality of the federal healthcare mandate in Ohio, in their editorials opposing it on November 8. Will the pro-Issue 3 group denounce these misleading campaign tactics by out of state groups? Get the facts – visit our Issue 3 Resource Center to read our reports, endorsements and more.

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