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Terra Goodnight · April 17, 2018

Statehouse Preview: Week of April 16

In a relatively quiet week after last week’s turmoil, we’re watching three bills moving at the Statehouse.

Stand Your Ground

On Tuesday at 3pm, the House Federalism and Interstate Relations committee will hold its second hearing in two weeks, and 5th overall, on Representatives Johnson and LaTourette’s  House Bill 228a wide-ranging bill to change Ohio’s gun laws, the most notable change being the creation of a so-called “Stand Your Ground” provision. Last week’s hearing featured committee Republicans accepting an amendment to the bill that added a ban on “straw man” third party purchases. The bill also eliminates certain penalties for illegal carry, signage requirements at certain no-carry premeses, and the responsibility of permit holders to keep hands in plain sight when encountering police in a motor vehicle. A previously scheduled vote on the measure has been cancelled, but the committee has invited the public to testify. HB228 Bill analysis (original version) HB228 Comparison document (comparing the committee’s amended bill to prior amended version)

Payday Lending

Last week, with a rumored FBI investigation over lawmakers’ interactions with representatives of the payday lending industry swirling, a proposal (HB123) to crack down on predatory payday lending practices was scuttled by the House Government Accountability and Oversight committee. This week the bill, and a proposed “compromise” negotiated by acting Speaker Kirk Schuring that advocated what has been called “watered down” reform, is back and again scheduled for a vote at the committee’s Wednesday meeting >> Read more about the recent history of payday lending reform efforts

Police Incidents

Finally, a bill introduced more than a year ago, Senate Bill 13 from Senator Tavares will get its first hearing in the Senate Local Government, Public Safety and Veterans Affairs. The measure grants individuals the right to lawfully record any incident involving a state or local law enforcement officer and to maintain custody and control of that recording and the recording device
Complete House committee schedule Complete Senate committee schedule
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