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· February 28, 2011

News Release: Innovation Ohio Launches Today

For Immediate Release February 28, 2011 Contact:  Dale Butland 614- 783-5833
Columbus, Ohio — Innovation Ohio, a new non-partisan but avowedly progressive think tank with offices in downtown Columbus, begins operations today. Innovation Ohio, which is comprised of leaders in business, academia, politics and public service, will have a two-fold mission. First, it will advocate and advance progressive public policies (especially in the areas of the state budget and jobs, education, health care, and energy) that strengthen the middle class, protect the less advantaged, equalize opportunity, and provide businesses with the tools they need to innovate, compete, and create well-paying, long-term jobs. Second, Innovation Ohio will provide rapid response policy analysis and commentary to ensure that that reckless, ill-advised or counterproductive proposals originating elsewhere do not go unchallenged. Innovation Ohio will not urge the election or defeat of candidates for any political office, nor pursue a partisan agenda. It will, however, deploy an army of academics, practitioners, and policy experts to ensure the progressive voice is heard and included in the public policy debate. Innovation Ohio President Janetta King commented on the rationale behind the formation of Innovation Ohio:

“With conservatives now dominating every branch of Ohio government, the conservative policy agenda is often the only game in town. Innovation Ohio aims to change that by bringing a progressive perspective and progressive policy alternatives into the public debate. We are not, however, a partisan organization. Our staff, Board, and associates will be comprised of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who are united in the belief that we cannot move Ohio ahead if we leave some of our people behind.

“We believe in creating sustainable economic growth, in equal opportunity for all Ohioans, and that the benefits of a resurgent economy should not be restricted to those at the top, but enjoyed by those on every rung of the income ladder.

“We believe in bringing the private and public sectors together, in replacing short-term thinking with long-term planning, and that innovative, practical problem-solving is more productive than partisan bickering and ideological shouting matches. Above all, we believe that only by protecting and expanding the middle class will Ohio be able to build a future that is worthy of her past.”

A mission statement can be found here and answers to Frequently-Asked Questions can be found here.


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