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· August 1, 2011

Who said anything about Right to Work? Kasich bashes Ohio workers on his latest failed attempt to draw a company to Ohio

What has recently been rumored was finally announced by Governor Kasich last week at the Columbus Metropolitan Club: Calisolar, a manufacturer of components for the solar energy industry, is not locating to Mansfield, Ohio after all and is not bringing its 800+ jobs to Mansfield.  As reported in the Mansfield New Journal, Governor Kasich said in his speech “Calisolar’s going to Mississippi, right to work, did you know that? Eight hundred jobs in Mansfield. Forget it, we’re not interested.” It is troubling that Governor Kasich’s first response in attempting to explain why he was unable to land Calisolar is to blame Ohio’s workers, a statement clearly contradicted in that same Mansfield News Journal article by others close to the negotiations .  Maybe Calisolar’s choosing of Mississippi has more to do with the Governor’s lack of commitment to a comprehensive energy strategy or that he has been singularly focused on natural gas (specifically Utica Shale) at the expense of all other energy sources.  Whatever it may be, there is no evidence that Calisolar’s decision had anything do with workers’ rights to organize, and it’s disingenuous of the governor to say as much. Read the article here: Gov. John Kasich says Calisolar moving to Mississippi, cites economic climate

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