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· November 22, 2011

Suggestion Box: Ohio EPA wants a new name!

According to reports, Scott Nally, Director of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA), is seeking suggestions from the agency’s staff on a new name for the agency. In a November 15 e-mail to Ohio EPA employees, Mr. Nally explained that the idea had come to him after listening to a discussion on about the state agency, followed closely by a commercial bashing the federal Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA).┬áNally indicated that while they understood the distinction, the “average person” might become confused, and thus the need for a name change. While Nally’s concern for the average Ohioan is certainly admirable, we can’t help but wonder if a name change signals a change in direction for the agency. Perhaps they no longer want to be in the business of protecting the environment? Let’s help Director Nally! Send us your suggestions for a new name that best conveys the Kasich administration’s policies for protecting the environment. Use our comments box, below, or send us a Tweet. We’ll pass along your responses.

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