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· September 1, 2011

Latest IO Report: Bad Medicine – Unintended Consequences of Issue 3

Today, Innovation Ohio released its latest report, which it produced in collaboration with professors from Case Western Reserve University’s School of Law. In it, we expose some dangerous consequences that will result if Issue 3 – otherwise known as the Healthcare Freedom Amendment – were to pass in November. The amendment’s sponsors put Issue 3 on the ballot in a misguided attempt to rebuke the individual insurance mandate included in the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA, known by some as “Obamacare”). Unfortunately, the language that will be incorporated into Ohio’s consitution if Issue 3 were to pass is so sloppy and ill-defined, it would have far-reaching impacts on all aspects of the practice of health care and health insurance in Ohio. Our report reviews some of the language and programs – such as school vaccinations, infectious disease tracking and medical licensing – that would be impacted as a result. We encourage everyone to read the report and share it with your friends.

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