Ohio became a great state by investing in people and infrastructure. People have historically come to our state from other countries and other regions, knowing this was a place to find good jobs and strong communities.

Past investments gave us high rates of high school graduation, one of the world’s best manufacturing workforces, and a tenacious sense of the value of work. We have a beautiful Great Lake, fertile agricultural resources, and rugged cities with proud histories.

Today, instead of understanding the challenges ahead and positioning Ohio for success, state leaders have focused on tax cuts for those who are already doing well. As a result, they’ve abandoned our values of investing in people and Ohio hasn’t seen the economic success that we were promised.

Ohio is losing over three billion dollars each year in tax revenues while our economy continues to create jobs at a slower rate than the national average. We need to invest in education and worker training, so that Ohio workers can be prepared for a changing economy. And we have to ensure workers’ rights so that Ohio’s people have the power to make tomorrow’s jobs good jobs.

That is why we need to be smart about the challenges ahead and proactive about how we position our economy and workforce for the future. We have to have an agenda that prepares our economy for success, invests in the next generation, and prioritizes the dignity and value of a hard-day’s work.