August 5, 2015

Innovation Ohio Middle Class Scorecard – Ohio House of Representatives

Below are our ratings of Ohio House members based on their votes on middle class issues during the 129th General Assembly. An “A” rating means the legislator takes the pro-middle class position at least 90 percent of the time, with lower grades reflecting a corresponding lower pro-middle class voting percentage. A list of votes used in scoring is provided below the scorecard. To see how scores were calculated, view the detailed score sheet.

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John Adams: F

John Adams

Richard Adams: F

Richard Adams

Ron Amstutz: F

Ron Amstutz

Marlene Anielski: F

Marlene Anielski

NIckie Antonio: A

NIckie Antonio

Mike Ashford: A

Mike Ashford

Nan Baker: F

Nan Baker

John Barnes, Jr.: B

John Barnes, Jr.

William Batchelder: F

William Batchelder

Peter Beck: F

Peter Beck

Terry Blair: F

Terry Blair

Lou Blessing, Jr.: F

Lou Blessing, Jr.

Terry Boose: F

Terry Boose

Kevin Boyce: A*

Kevin Boyce (*partial term)

Barbara Boyd: C

Barbara Boyd

Andrew Brenner: F

Andrew Brenner

Danny Bubp: F

Danny Bubp

Jim Buchy: F

Jim Buchy

Armond Budish: A

Armond Budish

Jim Butler: F

Jim Butler

John Patrick Carney: A

John Patrick Carney

Nicholas Celebrezze: D*

Nicholas Celebrezze (*partial term)

Ted Celeste: A

Ted Celeste

Jack Cera: D*

Jack Cera (*partial term)

Kathleen Clyde: A

Kathleen Clyde

Courtney Combs: F

Courtney Combs

Margaret Conditt: F*

Margaret Conditt (*partial term)

Rex Damschroder: F

Rex Damschroder

Timothy Derickson: F

Timothy Derickson

Anthony DeVitis: F*

Anthony DeVitis (*partial term)

Mike Dovilla: F

Mike Dovilla

Denise Driehaus: A

Denise Driehaus

Mike Duffey: F

Mike Duffey

Teresa Fedor: A

Teresa Fedor

Lorraine Fende: A

Lorraine Fende

Mike Foley: A

Mike Foley

Randy Gardner: F

Randy Gardner

Nancy Garland: A

Nancy Garland

Ronald Gerberry: A

Ronald Gerberry

Anne Gonzales: F

Anne Gonzales

Bruce Goodwin: F

Bruce Goodwin

Jay Goyal: B

Jay Goyal

Cheryl Grossman: F

Cheryl Grossman

Bob Hackett: F

Bob Hackett

Christina Hagan: F*

Christina Hagan (*partial term)

Robert Hagan: A

Robert Hagan

David Hall: F

David Hall

Bill Hayes: F

Bill Hayes

Tracy Heard: A

Tracy Heard

Michael Henne: F

Michael Henne

Brian Hill: F*

Brian Hill (*partial term)

Jay Hottinger: F

Jay Hottinger

Matt Huffman: F

Matt Huffman

Terry Johnson: F

Terry Johnson

Casey Kozlowski: F

Casey Kozlowski

Al Landis: F

Al Landis

Tom Letson: B

Tom Letson

Clayton Luckie: A

Clayton Luckie

Matt Lundy: A

Matt Lundy

Matt Lynch: F*

Matt Lynch (*partial term)

Ron Maag: F

Ron Maag

Dale Mallory

Dale Mallory

Jarrod Martin: F

Jarrod Martin

Jeffrey McClain: F

Jeffrey McClain

Ross McGregor: F

Ross McGregor

Zack Milkovich

Zack Milkovich

Dennis Murray: A

Dennis Murray

Craig Newbold: F

Craig Newbold

Sean O'Brien: B

Sean O’Brien

Mark Okey: A

Mark Okey

Bill Patmon: C

Bill Patmon

Dorothy Pelanda: F*

Dorothy Pelanda (*partial term)

Debbie Phillips: A

Debbie Phillips

Connie Pillich: A

Connie Pillich

Dan Ramos: A

Dan Ramos

Alicia Reece: B

Alicia Reece

Kristina Roegner: F

Kristina Roegner

Cliff Rosenberger: F

Cliff Rosenberger

Margaret Ann Ruhl: F

Margaret Ann Ruhl

Gary Scherer: F*

Gary Scherer (*partial term)

Kirk Schuring: F

Kirk Schuring

Barbara Sears: F

Barbara Sears

Marilyn Slaby: F*

Marilyn Slaby (*partial term)

Stephen Slesnick: C

Stephen Slesnick

Ryan Smith: F*

Ryan Smith (*partial term)

Robert Sprague: F

Robert Sprague

Peter Stautberg: F

Peter Stautberg

Gerald Stebelton: F

Gerald Stebelton

Michael Stinziano: B

Michael Stinziano

Vernon Sykes: B

Vernon Sykes

Matt Szollosi: B

Matt Szollosi

Louis Terhar: F*

Louis Terhar (*partial term)

Andy Thompson: F

Andy Thompson

Joseph Uecker: F

Joseph Uecker

Lynn Wachtmann: F

Lynn Wachtmann

Sandra Williams: B

Sandra Williams

Roland Winburn

Roland Winburn

Ron Young: F

Ron Young

Kenny Yuko: A

Kenny Yuko


Votes used in scoring

HB 114 (3/23/11) – Transportation budget that cut public transit funding and created a new tax break for oil companies

HB 159 (3/23/11) – Vote-suppressing photo ID requirements

SB 5 (3/30/11) – Rollback of collective bargaining rights for public workers

HB 95 (5/25/11) – Anti-consumer legislation allowing rate increases by natural gas providers

HB 153 (6/29/11) – Biennial budget that created new tax breaks for the wealthy, cut schools & local government and privatized government services

HB 194 (6/29/11) – Legislation (later revoked) to limit early voting in Ohio

HB 319 (9/21/11) – Gerrymandered, noncompetitive congressional districts that reduce the accountability of elected officials to voters

HB 275 (3/27/12) – Anti-consumer legislation that gives a “get out of jail free” to companies sued for fraud or misrepresentation

HB 487 (4/25/12) – “Kids and Communities First” measure to apply fair severance tax rates on oil & gas drilling and restore cuts to local governments & schools

SB 315 (5/24/12) – Oil & gas policy that did not include fair severance tax rates or “hire Ohio” provisions