August 2, 2015

Policy Areas

Below are our guiding principles for each of the policy areas we monitor.

Economic Development and Jobs

  • A modernized physical infrastructure and common sense regulatory framework is critical to job creation and the promotion of economic opportunity for all Ohioans.
  • Empowering local communities to implement sustainable, regional strategies for economic development is crucial for attracting a vibrant, professional workforce.


  • A strong and thriving workforce is directly connected to a commitment to an educational system focused on quality education, improving student success and opportunities for life-long learning.
  • All Ohioans should have access to an affordable higher education and a university system committed to excellence.

Healthcare and Human Services

  • Access to affordable health care and support services is necessary for providing economic security and opportunity for the middle-class.
  • While many worthwhile programs compete for state financial support, the commitment to ensuring the health and safety of Ohio’s most vulnerable citizens must remain a top priority.

Open and Efficient Government

  • Every Ohioan has the right to know how their tax dollars are being spent and who is behind the decision-making process.
  • Taxpayers deserve an efficient government focused on spending public funds in a fiscally responsible manner.