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Defend Public Safety, Reject Permitless Carry in Ohio

The gun lobby’s influence on the Ohio legislature has reached new levels of extreme. House Bill 178  is an effort by some Ohio Representatives to weaken our gun laws to allow people to carry loaded, hidden guns in public with NO training, NO license, and NO background check.

If this bill becomes law, any person in the State of Ohio, even those who lack standard training about handling firearms, would be legally entitled to carry a deadly weapon in public without anyone’s knowledge, without a license, and without a background check. Simply put, this bill goes too far and puts the interests of the gun lobby ahead of the safety of Ohio citizens.

Take one minute to send a letter to your state representative urging them to oppose this dangerous piece of legislation known as H.B 178.

The primary sponsors of HB 178 are Representatives Ron Hood and Tom Brinkman.

Cosponsors of this bill include Niraj J. Antani, Brian Baldridge, John Becker, Louis W Blessing III, Jim Butler, Sara Carruthers, Jon Cross, Bill Dean, Kris Jordan, Candice R Keller, J. Kyle Koehler, George F. Lang, P. Scott Lipps, Susan Manchester, Don Manning, Riordan T. McClain, Derek Merrin, Jena Powell, Craig S. Riedel, Mark J. Romanchuk, Tim Schaffer, Ryan Smith, A. Nino Vitale, Scott Wiggam, Shane Wilkin, Paul Zeltwanger.