About Us

Innovation Ohio is a new type of policy think tank.

Innovation Ohio is a unique organization that blends progressive public policy analysis and hard-hitting research with a single-minded determination to drive this information into the hands of the media, policymakers, and our allies to help influence policy decisions and shape public opinion. We push back on extremist statehouse policies that hurt working families and take our state in the wrong direction. And working with local leaders, we help push forward progressive policy solutions that improve our economy and strengthen middle-class families.

Our Work

Developed KnowYourCharter.com to help Ohioans understand the impact that charter schools have on funding for their local public schools.

33 major policy reports, 269 whitepapers and analyses, and over 650 critical mentions in state and national media.

Weekly appearances on state-based political affairs shows countering conservative talkers and promoting progressive solutions.

Provided research support for the successful effort to overturn Gov. Kasich’s anti-worker law, Senate Bill 5.

Forced conservative officials to go on the record to answer IO’s analysis showing the loss of over 51,000 jobs as a result of Gov. John Kasich’s state budget proposal.

IO study on the impacts of the Romney-Ryan Plan in Ohio was featured in an Obama for America ad in 2012.