Legislation: Ohio House Bill 1 – Dating Protection Orders

Bill: House Bill 1 (full text)

Title: Dating Protection Orders

Sponsors: Representatives Sykes and Manning

Co-Sponsors: Representatives Riedel, O’Brien, Kent, Craig, Lanese, Boyd, Smith R., Hill, Ashford, Dever, Holmes, Leland, McColley, Perales, Johnson G., Antonio, West, Cera, Rogers, Retherford, Sheehy, Pelanda, Ramos, Butler, Henne, Boccieri, Sprague, Boggs, Fedor, Antani, Householder, DeVitis

Bill Analysis:  This bill would authorize the issuance of dating violence protection orders, provide access to domestic violence shelters for dating violence victims, and require the Attorney General’s victims’ bill of rights pamphlet to add a line indicating that petitioners alleging dating violence have the right to petition for a civil rights protection.

Status: The bill was introduced in the House on February 1, 2017.