August 1, 2015

Legislation: Ohio House Bill 200 – Abortion Notification

Bill: House Bill 200 (full text, official bill analyses)

Title: Abortion Notification

Sponsors: Representative Hood

Co-Sponsors:  Representatives Beck, Young, Huffman, Becker, Terhar, Hill, Blessing, Roegner, Maag, Hottinger, Brenner, Burkley, Schuring, Buchy, Boose, Hayes, Adams, J., Butler, Lynch, Retherford, Stautberg, Thompson, Wachtmann, Blair, Hall, Henne, McClain, Rosenberger, Slaby, Sprague, Johnson, Smith, Scherer, Romanchuk

Bill Analysis:  This bill has a number of very concerning provisions. First it modifies the notification requirements prior to performing an abortion, requiring a physician to meet with a woman 48 hours, instead of the current 24 hours, prior to the abortion. The bill also requires additional documents to be provided to a woman considering an abortion including documents that outline the physiological and anatomical characteristics of the fetus. Among other changes the bill adds the requirement an ultrasound be performed and that the physician describe the fetus and its neurological development.

Currently if the woman is experiencing a medical emergency or there is medical necessity the waiting period does not have to be carried out. This law change the definition of medical emergency from creating an “immediate threat of serious risk to the life or physical health of the woman” to “so complicates the medical condition of the woman that the death of the woman would result from the failure to immediately terminate the pregnancy.” It also eliminates medical necessity as a reason to perform an abortion without completing the waiting period.

The bill also contains additional restrictions on physicians who perform abortions. The bill requires physicians  who performs an abortion to sign a conflict of interest disclaimer stating their gross income, or the facility’s, from the previous year and the percentage of income that was “obtained as fees for the performance of an abortion” along with a “statement concerning the monetary loss to the physician or facility that would result form the woman’s decision to carry the woman’s pregnancy to term.”  The bill makes any violation of this section of law a first degree felony and fines the offender 1 million dollars. 

Status: Introduced in the House June 11, 2013.


  1. Cathy Phillips says:

    Substitute the word “woman” with “child”. I consider 10, 12, 14, 16 year old girls.. children. Who is going to protect these CHILDREN ?

  2. Karen Poels says:

    What foul-minded, anti-freedom, hypocritical, disgusting fucks wrote this, much less had the unspeakable arrogance and ignorance to ideate this piece of filth?

    I don’t know which part of this is more profoundly perverted than the next, but I will say that denying a woman’s freedom to herself is now less important than a doctor’s (potentially increased income) is really over the top.

    Please elected assholes, make this bill loudly and proudly known, with your names attached in glorious large fonts so the entire world can know how proud you are of your draconian lunacy.

  3. Nancy coleman says:

    Where’s the part requiring women to wear burqas?

  4. “That inherent pixie dust called certainty, how do you get that?” — NPR Radio Lab keyword: Placebo. Are the sponsor and the co-sponsors of this bill really so grandiose that forcing medical malpractice by proxy on qualified physicians, surgeons, and nurses and their patients is “moral” to them? Or is this just another one of their cynical gambits? If they succeed, they can cloak themselves in righteousness, if they fail, martrydom. Are they really so base as to hide their fiscal and budgetary malfeasance by subjecting half the human population to substandard medical care just to distract the chumps — er, voters — back home? Whatever is really going on behind closed doors at the Ohio statehouse, any woman “serving” in the Ohio 130th GA who backs this abomination deserves to take her place next to Gertrud Scholtz-Klink in the annals of history.

  5. Are you aware that, on June 10, 2013, The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issued a press release opposing legislation like Ohio HB 200? Apparently, even staid doctors are sick and tired of undue political interference between doctors and their patients. They even have issued a formaol Statement of Policy in pdf format that you can access through a hyperlink in their press release:

    Share the news, share the link — especially with your Ohio State Representative and State Senator!


  6. Tiffany Ballou says:

    Stop with all these abortion rules. You say it’s suppose to be to the benefit of the woman, but it’s not. This issue is not an issue that belongs in politics, This is an issue that belongs to the pregnant woman, and her doctor.

  7. somechick says:

    This bill is OUTRAGEOUS, especially the emergency part!!!!!!!!!!! Stop enforcing government decisions on women’s bodies… IT HAS NO PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kate Hilton says:

    This is completely and utterly ridiculous. Most of what is being proposed is completely incorrect, such as the supposed “link between abortion and breast cancer”. Not to mention, restricting the ability to have a doctor waive the insane waiting period, even in medical cases where the life of the mother is being threatened? So you’d risk the life of the parent but not the child? STOP. Please. You are politicians, not medical experts, scientists, or doctors. Stop pretending you have any idea what you’re talking about.


  1. […] Ohio: The bill, which Gov. Kasich has already signed into law, forces doctors to tell their patients how much personal income they would lose if they did not perform abortions, makes ultrasounds mandatory, requires doctors to give women medically disputed information about pain felt by fetuses and mentions the debunked link between abortion and breast cancer, lengthens the mandatory waiting period, and threatens physicians with a felony and a fine of up to $1 million if they fail to comply with the laws. […]

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